Can I lose my job if I get convicted of domestic violence in Michigan?

Crimes involving domestic abuse are prosecuted under the fullest extent of the law in Michigan. All too often, these cases are over-prosecuted. Cases that should be charged as misdemeanors are frequently charged as felonies, and cases that should be charged as felonies are often charged as even more serious felonies. If you or a loved one are found guilty of any type of domestic-violence related crime, the long-term impact of such a conviction will cost you more than just fines and potential jail time. You may be wondering if your employer could fire you for this crime, and the answer to this is complicated. It’s ultimately up to your boss to make this decision, though hiding this information from them could make an already bad situation even worse. 

Trust the criminal defense lawyers of Coontz Law not only to defend you against allegations of domestic violence but also to help minimize the damage it causes to your reputation, family relationships, and career. We will evaluate all the evidence being presented against you and determine your situation’s best course of action. You can rely on us to vigorously defend your good name against these kinds of accusations.

Michigan domestic violence definitions

Michigan law defines domestic violence broadly and includes several specific actions that qualify as a crime, such as::

  • Making a family or household member engage in sexual activities through threats of force or using actual force 
  • Harming your family or household member emotionally and/or physically or attempting to do so 
  • Causing your family or household fear of mental or physical harm 
  • Committing actions that intimidate, frighten or make a family or household member feel threatened by you 

Types of jobs you could no longer perform with a Michigan dv conviction

If you are convicted of committing domestic violence in Lansing, MI, certain jobs will be unable to continue employing you. This is often due to industry regulations imposed by the government on the state and federal levels. When employers deviate from these standards, they open themselves up to further risks and liabilities.

Careers involving education are a prime example of a job role that couldn’t employ someone with a domestic violence conviction. Not only are you expected to set an excellent example for impressionable students, but the school has to guarantee their safety. Employing someone with a history of abusing others would not meet that commitment.

The same would apply to those who work as social workers. They have similar levels of expectations as a teacher does, including interacting with vulnerable adults and children. The agency you work for must employ individuals who don’t pose a risk to the welfare of the populations they serve.

No matter what field you work in, this type of charge could potentially end your career out of safety concerns for consumers and coworkers alike. This is why you should immediately seek the representation of a skilled criminal defense attorney who cares about you and your case. Whether you are the victim of false allegations or an argument simply got out of hand, you need legal counsel to control the fallout from these charges.

Gaining future employment will be difficult 

If you currently don’t have the career of your dreams, receiving a domestic violence conviction in Michigan could put an end to it before you ever begin. Trying to gain employment after getting convicted is exceptionally challenging and can hamper your efforts for the rest of your life. Employers have to consider the safety of their customers and existing team members when bringing someone new into the company. This means conducting a comprehensive background check, which will reveal your record. Acts of violence on a candidate’s record will undermine any training or experience you could offer a potential employer. 

Hire an experienced domestic violence defense attorney 

If you are facing or have already been convicted of domestic violence charges, yes, you could lose your job. This, along with the many other consequences of this crime, is why you need to hire a domestic violence defense attorney. Knowledgeable legal counsel will prove invaluable when defending against these charges or at least seeking to minimize the penalties for your actions. 

We know how to handle cases like this and guide our clients through the process. We understand the devastation just an accusation can do to your life and take your defense seriously. This is why we always seek a dismissal or an acquittal of charges like these first, and if that’s not an option, we try to get our clients a specialized probation under MCL 769.4a. This statute makes it so you don’t have a conviction. If you successfully complete probation, the case gets dismissed forever. What’s more, the law specifically says that you can suffer no civil disability for being given 769.4a status, which means no one can fire you or suspend your license. Contact us to set up a consultation to see if we can help you through this process!