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Why Making Threats at a Michigan School Can Put You in Jail

Incidents of students committing violent shooting rampages at schools and assaulting classmates they feel bullied by are far too commonplace in Michigan and other states throughout the U.S. Educators, law enforcement, and parents alike struggle to find ways to combat this epidemic in school hallways. As the parent of a teenager, you may have even […]

What to Do If You’re a Nurse Charged with OWI in Michigan

If you are a nurse who has recently received a drunk driving conviction, your entire career could be in jeopardy. You could have your professional licensing renewal denied by The Michigan Board of Nursing if you have multiple Operating While Intoxicated charges against you. Even instances where you receive your first conviction could result in […]

What Are My Rights If I’m Arrested While Protesting in Michigan?

With the 2020 protests over the death of George Floyd in Detroit, Flint, Lansing, and Grand Rapids, the treatment and arrests of peaceful protesters have come into sharp focus across the nation. While many of these events started out peacefully, police still found reason to arrest hundreds of people.  If you or someone you know […]

What are Identity Theft Charges in Lansing, MI?

As technology and business continue to merge, identity theft continues to be a serious issue throughout Michigan and the United States. It’s becoming commonplace to hear friends, family, and neighbors have their confidential information stolen by online scammers and hackers. Unfortunately, in Michigan, it’s more than just hacking that falls under the umbrella of criminal […]

Understanding Michigan Child Sexually Abusive Material Charges

In Michigan, child pornography is described as child sexually abusive material. This is a felony and can put you in prison for a long time, and is frequently charged in conjunction with other internet crimes.   If you or someone you know is currently under investigation or has been charged with this crime, contact a qualified […]

How Theft Convictions Affect Applying for a Job in Michigan

One of the most nerve-wracking parts of a job application is providing information about your criminal history. If you are considered for a position, but the hiring company discovers convictions on your background check, you may lose your opportunity. Of course, this is one of the consequences of having blemishes on your record, but it’s […]

Grounds For Involuntary Manslaughter In Michigan

Involuntary manslaughter is the lowest homicide offense you can be charged with but still carries serious legal consequences. This area of law covers killings that are accidental in nature but were the result of negligent or criminal actions on the part of the defendant.   Current Michigan law levies significant prison time and fines against those […]

Does a Michigan Drug Conviction Mean a Jail Sentence?

Every year, Coontz Law defends individuals arrested for drug crimes who now fear they will spend significant time in jail. While there are circumstances where some charges automatically result in incarceration, a solid defense strategy can help reduce the chances of serving time or at least lessen the sentence. As criminal defense attorneys, we regularly […]

Can I Lose My Job If I Get Convicted of Domestic Violence in Michigan?

Crimes involving domestic abuse are prosecuted under the fullest extent of the law in Michigan. All too often, these cases are over-prosecuted. Cases that should be charged as misdemeanors are frequently charged as felonies, and cases that should be charged as felonies are often charged as even more serious felonies. If you or a loved […]