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Fighting Unfavorable Rulings

After a long and stressful trial, there is nothing worse than a receiving a ruling that is not in your favor. Whether your trial counsel was unprepared or the court ruled unfairly, you deserve to appeal an unfavorable decision.

An appeal is a request for a higher court to review a decision made by a lower court. An effective appeals lawyer is a strong researcher and writer – I am both of these things. As a skilled Lansing appeals attorney, I have helped several clients fight back against rulings they were not happy with. I am eager to help you do the same.

The Appeals Process

When taking on an appeal case, I will thoroughly assess the final judgment and the record of your case. I take the time to very carefully comb through these documents and transcripts to fully understand the circumstances and build my argument.

The appeals court refuses to review any information or evidence that was not presented in the initial trial. This means that your Lansing appeals attorney must get creative and find a new perspective or angle from which to approach your case.

Appeals are decided by a panel of three judges who may

  • Uphold the lower court’s decision
  • Overturn the lower court’s decision
  • Send the case back to the trial court for further action or a new trial

Aggressive & Strategic Appeals

Appealing a ruling takes particular skill and finesse. I work tirelessly to uncover details that were previously missed and that may help build a strong appeal. If you are seeking to appeal a criminal case ruling in Lansing, count on Coontz Law to provide the high-quality representation you need.

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