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If you are being investigated for manslaughter or homicide or if you have already been charged with a crime, you need an aggressive lawyer who can help you build a strong defense. As a Lansing homicide defense attorney familiar with how these cases are handled in Michigan, I can help.

I come from a blue-collar background and I know how hard it is when it feels like the world is against you. I am a strong advocate for my clients and I am proud to provide them with personalized, compassionate legal counsel. If you are facing criminal charges, don’t risk hiring a lawyer you don’t feel confident in. Count on Coontz Law.

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The penalties associated with a manslaughter or homicide conviction are severe. Because of this, you want a Lansing criminal defense lawyer who can confidently and effectively fight on your behalf. I can help you understand the nature of the charges brought against you, explain your legal options, and guide you in making the decisions that protect your best interests.

There are several different classes of homicide charges, including

  • First-degree murder: It must be proven that the perpetrating individual premeditated the act
  • Felony murder: This is a sub-category of first-degree murder related to murders associated with specific felonies, such as arson, child abuse, carjacking, kidnapping, and home invasion.
  • Second-degree murder: Premeditation does not need to be proven by the prosecution
  • Voluntary manslaughter: The act of killing another is intentional, but it occurred in the heat of passion
  • Involuntary manslaughter: Involves killing someone unintentionally

Because a conviction comes with such a hefty price, a detail-oriented, aggressive approach to your defense is vital. Police reports and witness testimony must be carefully investigated and all aspects of your case should be thoroughly scrutinized, leaving no stone unturned. I am ready to shield you from prosecutors and law enforcement officials who may try to infringe upon your rights.

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As a homicide defense lawyer in Lansing, I represent a new generation of attorneys. I believe in providing my clients with unique solutions that are tailored to their situation. I am agile and flexible in my approach to representation, which ensures that I can effectively adjust my approach depending on the circumstances of your case.

When you need an attorney who can be there for you at a moment’s notice and who will stay with you from start to finish, Coontz Law is the firm to call.

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