How a flawed breath test can beat DUI in Lansing

Michigan DUI cases frequently rely on breath testing to establish the level of blood alcohol content (BAC) in accused offenders. While preliminary breath tests (PBTs) are often the basis for probable cause and subsequent arrest, these tools are not reliable, which is why they cannot be admitted into evidence in court. This is why law enforcement will wait until they are booking a driver for DUI at a station to get more accurate BAC results.  

Datamaster is a popular BAC measurement device that has known inaccuracies in how it generates its results. This can lead to wrongful convictions in Lansing DUI cases, which comes with a host of consequences for the defendant, including jail time, stiff fines, and driver’s license consequences. Simply put, you shouldn’t trust breathalyzer tech. But, you can trust the audacious criminal defense attorneys of Coontz Law to challenge these faulty breath testing devices. 

How the Datamaster breath test works during a Lansing DUI stop

Using infrared spectrophotometry, breath testing devices like the Datamaster can analyze a suspected drunk driver’s BAC. This is done by the machine’s use of ethanol molecules in a special chamber set to vibrate when a person blows air into it, and the machine absorbs the resulting infrared energy. Because one’s BAC affects the amount of energy that can pass through the testing device, the combination of one’s breath and infrared can determine the levels in your bloodstream. 

The Datamaster is one of the more accurate BAC tests on the market today. This doesn’t mean it’s always right, and several steps must be precisely followed, or the data it generates may be compromised. Other factors can directly impact these results, including a law enforcement officer knowing it is not calibrated correctly but using the results as evidence anyway.  

The DUI attorneys at Coontz Law know how to look for fraudulent or improperly conducted breath test technology. We know test results get manipulated and what the standards are for using these devices. Don’t let yourself get bullied into accepting a DUI you don’t deserve, and call us today about your case.

How problematic Datamaster breath testing can help your Lansing dui defense

As mentioned earlier, there are known issues with breathalyzer devices, including with Datamaster testing products used by local authorities throughout the state of Michigan. Numerous factors can affect the results simply by what is in your mouth at the time you blow. For example, jewelry, acidic food remnants, and alcohol residue can contribute to erroneous test data. Other outside influences on Datamaster tests include:

  • Stomach acid disorders
  • Respiratory conditions
  • Diabetic issues

Another important DUI defense against a breath test is if it was correctly administered. Lansing officers who do not understand or follow the procedures for using a Datamaster device can cause readings to be manipulated and wrongfully conclude you were drunk behind the wheel. 

Below are common errors law enforcement officials make using this testing equipment:

  • Not following or have received training on using the device properly to measure BAC
  • Their radio frequencies interfere with the reading
  • The breath and blood partition ratio is incorrect
  • Police did not regularly calibrate the Datamaster device 
  • Your breath duration was insufficient to determine a BAC measurement

Coontz Law will help you fight back against fraudulent or improperly administered breathalyzer tests. We believe that you deserve justice and are innocent until proven otherwise by sound evidence. Having been around the block a few times, we know how faulty BAC testing can lead to wrongful conviction and the impact on your life in the future.  

Trust Coontz Law to fight your Lansing DUI charges

Challenging DUI breathalyzer results can seem impossible if you don’t understand the flaws of this law enforcement technology. At Coontz Law, our legal team not only has extensive knowledge regarding these devices, but we know how to challenge this unreliable evidence effectively.  

We dedicate ourselves to protecting the civil rights and future well-being of our clients. If you are currently facing DUI charges, rest assured that we have the Lansing drunk driving attorney you will want on your side. Give Coontz Law a call at (517) 940-8004 to schedule a consultation, so you can receive the answers that you need.