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Even with our Constitution’s Second Amendment in place, every state has its own unique laws regarding guns and crimes involving guns. These laws can be nuanced and it is sometimes hard to understand when and how they apply to certain situations. Ultimately, a gun crime conviction can be devastating and have a serious impact on your future.

Gun cases are complex and often involve applications of the Fourth Amendment. You will need a thorough Lansing criminal defense attorney who understands both federal and state gun laws and is able to effectively obtain information from witnesses, police officers, and government officials. I am a skilled investigator, researcher, and writer with the ability to craft effective arguments on your behalf.

Gun Charges in Michigan

As in other states, Michigan defines a wide variety of charges that fall under the umbrella of gun crimes. Each charge carries a variety of penalties, often including fines, jail time, and the loss of certain rights.

Some of Michigan’s gun charges include

  • Carrying a concealed weapon: You may only carry a concealed firearm if you hold a Concealed Pistol License (CPL).
  • Felon in possession of a firearm: To be convicted of this crime, you are a convicted felon and it must be proven that you had possession of a firearm and had not yet had your right to possess a firearm restored.
  • Felony firearm: You may be convicted of this if you were carrying a firearm at the time of committing a felony. This conviction carries a mandatory two-year prison sentence.

If you are facing these or other gun-related charges, be sure to consult with a Lansing gun crimes attorney as soon as possible. The sooner I can get started defending your case, the better your prospects of a positive outcome.

Building a Strong Case

By carefully analyzing every detail of the alleged incident, I can craft a strong defense on your behalf. I take a detail-oriented approach and spend plenty of time researching, assessing, and applying my past experiences to your situation. I also try to be vigilant about the case’s weaknesses while simultaneously working up its strengths – I aim to control the narrative.

Medical Marijuana Defense Attorney Protecting Your Rights

The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs outlines what a registered patient or caregiver is allowed to do regarding marijuana use. Furthermore, the Michigan Public Health Code offers you certain protections from arrest, prosecution, and penalty.

If you are facing marijuana charges in Lansing, it’s essential that you work with a lawyer familiar with all of the rules and regulations for medical marijuana use both in the state of Michigan and at the federal level.

As the founder of Coontz Law, I am driven to protect the rights of my clients. I work tirelessly to ensure that my clients’ rights are not abused. I am always available to my clients and as a smaller criminal defense law firm in Lansing, I can provide my clients with the personal attention they need to feel confident and have their voice heard.

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